Sunday, March 3, 2013

What does flexible learning mean to me?

What does flexible learning mean to me?
Flexible learning as I see it is an easily adaptable, adjustable and versatile platform for teaching that allows the flexibility to deliver a teaching experience in a modern world to current world students.
The flexibility comes from the integration of different mediums to deliver content through e.g. Audible, Visual, written and oral all mediums have their strengths and weaknesses. There is no one way that’s correct to deliver information to students.
Why do I think flexible learning is necessary in a modern world?
A modern student of any age demands that in a modern world the information and content that they want to learn about has to be available to them in a medium that they find easiest and most rewarding for them.
Which when you think about it the student is very aware that it’s all about them not the teacher, lecture or facilitator that is teaching them. They know that if delivery of the content does not suit them there is always some other way of getting the information, knowledge and assessment that they require.
Also the flexible learning approach complements a modern facilitator in that they have the flexibility to try and use different methods that make the content more interesting for both them and the students.
I believe if done correctly flexible learning will encourage the student to become an active learner which in turn only encourages exploration of the subject.
What am I required to explore to help flexible learning to happen?
Being open to new styles and exploring how they can work for both you and your students is very important. Constantly having a drive to improve the: How, What, Were and Why of your learner experience to improve both the student and facilitators learning environment and experience accelerates the learning. This also increases the reward for both student and facilitator. Also reflecting on the past and finding a “happy medium” is also important to provide a grounding for the experience.
What are my goals for using flexible learning in my teaching?
I would like to integrate flexible learning into every aspect of what subjects and assessments that I deliver.
To be open to the diverse environment and the new experiences that flexible learning can provide.
Use elements of the flexible learning to create a simpler but deeper learning environment.

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  1. Kevin these are fabulous goals. What are your thoughts so far for how you might action these goals, and what you need to explore and access to do so?

    One of the first things is to become more aware of your students' characteristics and learning preferences. Sometimes this is assumed and based on a teacher's professional judgement.

    But to be able to offer an equitable flexible learning environment is it necessary to find this out before they start to show strengths and weaknesses as the course progresses? For example, how skilled students are at accessing and using digital material, or their aptitude for practical work? Or can a flexible teacher make the necessary adjustments to meet the different needs of students 'on the hop'?